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Free Membership

Free Membership

How to join.

Everyone must join as an individual. You can not join as a family or as a couple. 
Anyone of any age, ability or nationality can join FREE. 
Simply click on the Membership Card opposite, select your Individual Membership Status, enter your Community Reference Number and provide all the information requested. 
Students should click on the ZakBak image below.
When approved you will receive a unique Membership Number which you will need to quote in order to apply for any Benefits or Rewards. 

Selecting your Membership Status. 

  • UK Citizen
    Select - If you are a UK citizen and over 16.
    Students can Select - ZakBak for added benefits (see below).
    When you apply you will need your National Insurance Number and your Passport / Driving Licence Number (or both)
  • International Member
    Select - If you are not a UK citizen.
    International Membership is only available to Individuals who are registered with an existing "bone fide" Community Network Member. (Trusted Partner).
    Applicants will need to input a 4 digit "Trusted Partner Code".
  • Under 16
    Select - if you are Under 16 or if you are applying on behalf of someone under 16. 
    When you apply you will need to input a linked member's (parent / guardian's) membership number.

ZakBak Student Network. 

  • Select - if you are a Student attending College or University.
    To join ZakBak please click the Image below - Membership is FREE  

Find Your Community Reference Number.

The organisation who you’re joining through should have provided you with a Community Reference Number (CRN). If you don't know your CRN then you can type the organisation's name into the Invitation Reference finder below. 

If you have not come through a listed Community Network Member then please type Head Office below.

Invitation Reference Finder

Free Members can Go GOLD at any time.

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