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Employee Schemes

Employee Schemes

Scheme Membership

All our Employee Benefit Schemes are designed to benefit your business, your staff and your community. We aim to provide maximum benefit for minimum cost.

  • All staff are registered as "Members"
  • They can then access all Member Benefits. 
  • Our schemes can be used to complement any existing benefits provided by a business or to provide an all-inclusive package.

How to set up a scheme

  • You must be a Business Member
  • Log in to your GOLD Members Area, access 365 24/7
  • Choose a Scheme and "Apply"
  • Simple auto registration and unique Scheme ID
  • CSV bulk upload to set up Members
  • Upload new Members monthly

Benefits to your business

  • Improved productivity, reduced stress levels, happier workforce
  • Improved health and wellbeing, Less financial worries
  • Dedicated Membership Team, HR support
  • Regular Member communications
  • Simple annual renewal
  • CSR outcome reports

Benefits to your staff

  • Individual Membership, member number and profile
  • Personal email welcome and activation process
  • Personalised benefits and choices 
  • Ebanking and Managed Accounts
  • Savings and Loans
  • Debt and Care funding guidance
  • Rewards, competitions and volunteering opportunities
  • Regular communications and benefits portal

Scheme Choices

  • DotComUnity Scheme - Membership only 
  • GOLD Scheme - GOLD Membership only
  • Tailor Made Scheme - GOLD Membership and other benefits 
    * other benefits may include: Pension, Life and Health Insurance, Perks etc. 

of your membership helps us to support DotComUnity, the Disability Directory and all those with a disability, their families, carers and wider circle of support.

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