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Pocket Money Account

Pocket Money Account

A fun way to pay pocket money 

It's proven that money habits are formed early in life. Open an Account that Counts and help your children get the best start. 

Each pocket money card account must be linked to an active "Managed Account" that provides unique parental controls specifically designed to help teach your children good money habits.

It's an easy and fun way to pay Pocket Money. Ideal for children 6 - 16

Open an Account that Counts

  • Firstly set up your own "Managed Account". Put yourself in control.
  • Ensure that all your children have also been registered as FREE Community Members. 
  • To set up a pocket money account simply Click the "Apply" button opposite and follow the instructions. 
  • There is a "one off" set up fee of £10 for each pocket money account.
  • Link up to 2 pocket money accounts to you at no additional monthly cost.
  • Extra pocket money accounts can be linked to you for just £2 a month each.   

Parental controls

  • Set spending rules
  • Set tasks and choices
  • Decide where the card can be used
  • Receive real time notifications
  • Instantly block and unblock cards
  • Watch your child learn about money. 
  • Stay in control online and mobile   

Using your Card

  • Use it anywhere you see the VISA sign
  • Online, on the high street even overseas
  • Safe and secure
  • No risk of debt or overdrafts
  • Only spend what's available
  • Instant transfers and top ups
  • Great for regular Pocket Money payments
  • Perfect for birthdays and gifts

Helping you & your Community

  • Become a Member of your Community and start benefiting.
  • Not a Member yet? Follow the instructions to JOIN. 
  • Under 16 - your Membership must be linked to an active "Adult" Member.
  • 16+ - Why not join the Student Network
    Set up your own Managed Account and access extra support and benefits during your time at College and University. 

Need more Information?

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