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Managed Accounts

Managed Accounts

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Open a Managed Account.  

  • Providing Members with extra help to manage their income and expenditure
  • Available for all Members 
  • A Fully Managed Service - Supported by our Administration Team (MABSS)
  • Apply anytime - Required Managed Account Agreement
  • Just £5 per month - Monthly management charge  

Any Member can apply to the Administration Team (MABSS), at any time, to help them set up and run a Managed Account. MABSS oversee and administer your account inline with the instructions detailed within your managed account agreement.       

All our Managed Account Holders (including our *specialist accounts) are provided with their own personal Sort Code and Account Number linked to a VISA Debit Card.

It is a requirement that all applicants must complete a Managed Account Agreement detailing income and expenditure and officially authorising MABSS to help them manage their account. 

Account Features 

  • Manage deposits and payments 
  • Prioritise bills  
  • Manage spending money available through the Card  
  • There is no overdraft and no interest charges
  • Transfer money to other accounts 
  • Managed change requests 
  • You can view online 24/7
  • Repair and rebuild your credit rating
  • Instant notifications by SMS, email or online
  • Lost and stolen line 24/7
  • Secure PIN access 
  • Cashback rewards up to 14%  

Change Requests 

Your Managed Account has been specifically designed to help you budget. Money is set aside into "envelopes" to pay bills as soon as they come in. The balance, your "Spending Money", is accessible through your Card. 

You can view your account online at any time and if you wish to move your money you can. However, under the terms of your managed account agreement, you must give 30 days notice to move money from a "reserved" envelope and MABSS will notify the "payee" immediately a request to move money has been received.

How to Apply

Simply click on the green button opposite and enter your Membership details.
If you are not yet a Member simply follow the instructions to JOIN.

MABSS will send you your Managed Account Agreement which you need to complete and return with your first month's management fee (£5).

* if you wish to apply for a Specialist Managed Account please make sure you go to the correct Member Benefit web page and then click "Apply". 

If you need help call 01202 611 367 and please have your Membership Number ready.

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