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Care Funding Guidance

Care Funding Guidance

FREE expert advice when you need it most

If you need care and have to pay for it, it will be one of the most expensive things that happens to you in your life. Amazingly less than 10% of people who face this situation get any guidance on how best to meet the costs of care. 

Care Funding Guidance (CFG) is a free and not for profit expert agency that will help you to make the best decisions. 

What CFG does

  • We can provide you with the only practical guide on how to meet your care fees. The guide is available to all, either by download or by post.
  • Call us. We will listen and provide you with a very high level of guidance on what your options are likely to be.
    • We will help work out your care funding problem
    • Make sure you are getting all the state benefits you are entitled to.
    • Help you to understand the 6 ways of paying for care. 
  • We will confirm everything to you in a short plain English Report. If you need them, we will even supply additional copies for family members.
  • It's all FREE. 

Value of Membership

You do not have to be a Community Member to contact CFG however Membership is FREE and provides access to many additional Member Benefits designed to help and support independent living.

  • Member Benefits maybe FREE or maybe provided at a discounted rate (including up to 10% off independent financial advice). 
  • Some have been designed exclusively to meet Member needs. 
  • All Members can access the additional support provided by the Membership Team.
  • All Member Benefits help to support DotComUnity and the Directory.     

How to Apply

Free Phone CFG: 0800 055 6225

Alternatively click on the Apply button opposite and enter your membership details. Our Membership Team will then request a Care Funding Expert to contact you.

If you are not yet a Member the Apply button will redirect you to the Membership page so you can JOIN. 


Care Funding Experts are not financial advisers and are completely unable to sell you anything.


Need more Information?

Why not get in touch, drop us a line or give us a call:

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