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Community Network Supporter

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Community Network Supporter

You can join the Community Network for FREE by becoming a Supporter.

As a supporter you will be provided with a web banner to place on to your website that will redirect any individual who clicks on the banner to our DotComUnity website. The individual can then find out about membership and all our member benefits before joining as a member.

Why become a Supporter?

Not only is it free to become a Supporter but being a Supporter also provides you with the opportunity to evaluate our structure and determine if it works for you and your community before having to commit.

We will provide you with a membership tracking service allowing you to analyse your community’s response to DotComUnity membership including identifying how many individuals and Businesses you’ve helped and what member benefits they’ve accessed.

What if we aren’t able to access the web banner?

If you do not have a website or your website will not support any of the web banners that we offer you then we will provide you with a small supply of generic membership posters that you can either hand out to your community or place on display at your offices/sports club/church etc.

These generic posters will work in the same way as the banner with the objective being to encourage your community to visit the DotComUnity website.

How to apply?

To apply all you need to do is contact us using the details below.

We can then find out your reason for applying and understand more about you/your Business.

Need more Information?

Why not get in touch, drop us a line or give us a call:

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